Kim Gurney is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and researcher. Her art practice deals with disappearances of different kinds and offers restorative gestures. Kim has held two solo exhibitions in Johannesburg and participates annually on group shows while engaging other practitioners through ad-hoc curatorial initiatives including a nomadic platform for experimental work. Kim’s writing favours long-form narrative while her style is infused by a former life as a new journalist and editing roles. She is the author of a book of creative nonfiction, ‘August House is Dead, Long Live August House! The story of a Johannesburg atelier’ (2017), and an academic monograph, ‘The Art of Public Space: Curating and Reimagining the Ephemeral City’ (2015). Kim currently holds an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in the Centre for Humanities Research at University of the Western Cape. She lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.