Writing, in different formats, is a common thread connecting Kim’s interdisciplinary practice. She was formerly a fulltime news journalist - most notably managing the newsroom of a weekly paper at Financial Times Business, London. Before that, she helped set up and then manage a bespoke online news service at the same media company. Her prior reporting experience was largely in radio news. Kim’s writing has now moved to long-form narrative and she is the author of two recent books.

Kim is widely published with over two decades of writing and editing experience and she has held a number of News Editor positions in radio, online and print. Kim’s work has been published by international media houses including FT Business, Newsweek (Africa bureau stringer 2003-2007), Sunday Independent, Business Day, Salon.com, & News International. She has covered diverse topics that cut into current affairs in different ways spanning issues of arts and culture, business and the environment and covering topics ranging from xenophobic violence to the impact of the financial crisis on business ethics to urban design in townships and reportage on Johannesburg’s aspirations as a ‘world-class African city’.

Kim holds two journalism degrees: an MA in International Journalism from City, University of London (Financial Journalism specialisation), and a B.Journ degree awarded with Distinction from Rhodes University, with an Economics Major. Her MA engaged South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and reflected upon media coverage of conflict situations.

A range of writing samples:
Most of my writing is in print. Here are some examples:

*Gurney, K. November 2015. Re-imagining Africa’s Cities. In: Ogojiii, Issue 03, Nairobi and Johannesburg: Ogojiii, pp. 43-49.
*Gurney, K. December 2015. Performing the Present: The Second Life of Zombie Monuments. In: Art Africa, Issue 02, Cape Town: Bell-Roberts, pp. 14-17.
*Gurney, K. with photographer Sydelle Willow Smith. February 2015. The Doppelgangers: a narrative nonfiction piece on Hasan and Husain Essop, twin brothers who collaborate as a fine art photography duo. In: Cityscapes, Issue 6. Download pdf
*Gurney, K. with photographer Sydelle Willow Smith. February 2015. The Conservationist: a narrative nonfiction piece that profiles Luzann Isaacs, who manages an urban wetland park in the Cape flats. In: Cityscapes, Issue 6. Download pdf
*Gurney, K. with photographer David Harrison. 2014. Edge Design: Urban form and social change in Khayelitsha and Dunoon, reflected upon through the issue of sanitation.. In: Cityscapes. Issue No. 5, pp. 34-49.
*Gurney, K. Ethnography of a flame - Critical Arts: Under fire section, 2013. In: Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, 27(4), pp. 439-443.
*Gurney, K, with photographer Delwyn Verasamy. Winter 2012. A Visionary Statement, reportage on the contested notion of Johannesburg as a ‘world class city’. In: Cityscapes, Issue 2, pp. 56-71.
*Gurney, K. 15 January 2012. Muted Tones: the evolving life of distressed musical instruments. In: CCTV, a zine for local ideas in global practice. Vol 1. no. 1 Launch Issue, August 2012. Rangoato Hlasane (curator): Johannesburg. Download. Originally published as Life of a Piano in Sunday Independent.
Gurney, K. 2012. The Fractured Public Interest. In: Rhodes Journalism Review, Issue 32, p.8.
*Gurney, K. 2012. Visual Prospects. In: Lamprecht, A. & I. Powell (eds). Terra. Cape Town: SoSo Press, pp. 18-26
*Gurney, K. with Scott Johnson. Digging up the Dirt. Investigative news feature on the search for South Africa’s politically ‘disappeared’ - Newsweek International.
*Gurney, K. September 2011. The shifting private-public axis. In: Rhodes Journalism Review, No. 31.