Kim’s art practice generally responds to disappearances of different sorts and makes restorative gestures. This has ranged from mixed media works commemorating people forcibly ‘disappeared’ during oppressive political regimes to largescale paintings about scorned urban space, visualising statistics of vulnerable species, sculpting and performing a San instrument of communication from archival documentation into a sound art installation, and exploring financial crisis through word play. She works from a studio in Salt River, located in the backyard of a team of set builders. New work underway in the studio variously explores future cities, the anthropocene and financial shenanigans.

Kim has held two solo exhibitions since graduating from UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art, degree awarded with distinction in Discourse of Art, and majoring in Sculpture. She participates annually on group exhibitions - most recently Pulse at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town. Kim also engages other artists through curating (see Exhibitions) and running a nomadic platform when time and resources conspire, guerilla gallery.

The albums below are entry points into particular bodies of work.

For a portfolio of current and available work, click here.

TV interview by Northern Visions on the occasion of delivering a keynote address to an art symposium on performance art, Being in Public, at Belfast School of Art: ‘In Focus’ programme