Kim’s art practice generally responds to disappearances of different sorts and makes restorative gestures. This has ranged from mixed media works commemorating people forcibly ‘disappeared’ during oppressive political regimes - Appendix, Indice - to largescale paintings about scorned urban space - Shapeshifters, visualising statistics of vulnerable species - Red List series, sculpting and performing a San instrument of communication from archival documentation into a sound art installation - Honey Hunters, and exploring financial crisis through word play - Mother of all Firewalls. New work underway variously explores future cities, the anthropocene and financial shenanigans.

The albums below are entry points into particular bodies of work.

*For a portfolio of current and available work, click here.
*Latest work available via online auction 11-18 October: click here
*TV interview by Northern Visions on the occasion of delivering a keynote address to an art symposium on performance art, Being in Public, at Belfast School of Art: ‘In Focus’ programme